What is Miami

What is Miami

There’s no place in the world like Miami.

We are a misunderstood city. Unless you’ve lived here, or visited for long enough, you won’t understand what Miami is really about.

We’re portrayed as the city for celebrities, vacations, glitz, glamour, and often fakeness. But there’s so much more to Miami than South Beach.

It’s common knowledge to locals that the first language in Miami is Spanish. When you walk into a restaurant, 9 times out of 10, your menu will be in Spanish. If you ask for an English menu, then you will be endearingly labeled as “gringo”.

We are a people of the moment. We know how to laugh, entertain, express ourselves, all while looking good in the South Florida heat and humidity!

The heat only makes us more passionate. We know in order to feel good, we must look good. We have mastered the science of wearing high fashion in the heat. We aren’t afraid to show skin in the daytime, wear heels on cracked sidewalks, or make the humidity our hair’s best accessory.

Our energy is contagious. No matter the time of day, we are down for some dancing, and some good belly laughs. We are the most honest and passionate people you will ever meet. Every meetup with friends is an adventure.

When I greet people, I kiss them on the cheek. That’s our way. In Miami, men hug men, just like the woman, and we all tell one another that we love each other. Openly and proud.

Miami is built off the roots of its people. A celebration of all Latin cultures can be found with a glance at the street. Cuban pastelitos, Argentinian empanadas, Colombian arepas, it’s all here. And it’s as good as the real thing.

When I moved away from home for the first time, I realized just how special Miami was. Where else in the world (besides maybe New York) can I walk down the street and hear at least three different languages, none of them being English? Where else in the world will a little Cuban abuela treat you like you’re her own granddaughter?

I grew up with a strong, passionate, and beautiful Colombian mother. My upbringing was not always the most mellow, but it was the most real. This love for life and passion for feeling that I hold in my body is thanks to my mother, our culture, and the energy of this incredible city I had the privilege to grow up in.

Last night we celebrated my mom’s birthday in the heart of the Miami Art District, Wynwood. Seeing our family and friends gathered together, laughing, drinking, and running around the streets of Miami, made me remember just how much I love my city.

I wish everyone the chance to experience the life and energy of Miami with a local one day. Then maybe the world will see and understand, what is Miami.


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