What is a vision board and how to make one

What is a vision board and how to make one

Two years ago, I saved my life by pasting pictures onto a poster board at one in the morning.

I was nursing a fresh heartbreak, unhappy with my current life situation, and the furthest from my inner self I’d felt in a while.

That last one is the feeling that stung the most. I had always seen myself as a passionate, vibrant, and driven woman. But I felt so far from those parts of myself, that I could hardly recognize who I saw in the mirror.

One night, I hit the breaking point. The moment where I told my mind, enough is enough.

I wanted to dance, to paint, to laugh, and just feel good again. So I did just that.

I started with the dancing, which turned into painting, and then I had the crazy idea to paint my body with all the extensions of myself attached (like this Frida Kahlo painting). The painting looked like shit, so I laughed at myself. And then I had an even better idea to make a collage of all the things I want to achieve and attract in my life.

Later on, I realized what I had created was called a vision board. It’s a powerful practice in Law of Attraction for manifesting the things you want in your life. A vision board isn’t to be mistaken for some one time fix for gaining all the things you want. If you’re a skeptic, think of it as a constant motivator for achieving the things you want in life. For example, if you wake up every day and see the image of a jacked, muscly dude you want to be, you’ll be reminded that you need to take the necessary steps daily to achieve that. The more new-age explanation is founded on this: if you put your attention on the images in your vision board then the energy of that thing will more likely be in your awareness. It’s as simple as that.

Every year since I have created a vision board for myself. I became a firm believer when big things on my board began happening. Funny enough, one of those things was Praxis.

If you’re interested in making your own vision board this year, I can’t think of a better time than for the New Year. While everyone else is making resolutions, you will be harnessing the power of visualization. So how do you do it?


Organize your wants

Examine each area of your life- health, family, love, career, travel etc. What do you want in each of these areas? What is there to improve? Is there something that doesn’t exist yet, but you would like it to? Write every single whim that comes to your mind. Nothing is too far-fetched.


Gather images

Now that you have a list of everything you’d like to achieve, gather images that represent each of those things. Make sure you don’t slack on the image choices. The image should be an exact or close replica of what you want for yourself. If you want to move into a new apartment, don’t just choose any old image of an apartment. Choose the image that makes you excited, and looks exactly like what you’d imagine for yourself. *Depending on if you decide to go for a digital or physical vision board, you can use magazines or computer images.


Put it all together

Let yourself feel like a crazy, creative, kid again. Glue and arrange the images eclectically, or in whatever order you choose. Add splashes of paint if you wish or other accents, but make sure the clarity of the images remains. The final presentation of your board should make you feel happy and satisfied.


Display it

An equally important part of the vision board process is making sure you choose the right place to display it. I personally chose to go digital last year and make my vision board my laptop’s desktop image. The year prior, I kept the big, beautiful poster board on one of my nightstands. The point is that you want it to be placed somewhere you will always see it. You want the power of the images to enter your subconscious mind as much as possible.


Even if you’re skeptical, there’s nothing to lose in doing a practice like this. If anything, a vision board is a great way to organize your short-term and long-term goals visually. But if you follow these steps, allow yourself to enjoy the way your goals enter the forefront of your mind and begin to appear in your life in unexpected ways. A vision board may just put your life back on track, as it did for mine.

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