Week Two — The Move

Week Two — The Move

Despite it being the end of my second week on the job, I can’t help but feel like I’m starting fresh again.

I left my home in South Florida to make the drive to Charleston on Thursday morning. It’s been a hectic, but productive last few days. Between moving my existing items into my apartment, running errands, and orienting myself in the new area, I was thoroughly spent by Saturday night. However, after catching up on sleep last night, and beginning to make my place feel homier, I’m feeling prepared and excited for my first day in office on Monday.

This week I was able to put to practice the idea of intuitively doing something without having to be asked to do it. I went ahead and filled in the gaps on a spreadsheet that was waiting to be pushed along to its next step. These are the kinds of small, but endlessly helpful opportunities I want to seek out and jump on as I continue my apprenticeship.

I learned a lot from the practice of moving in this week. I wasn’t my first move, but it was my first road trip move. Regardless of the differences, I learned one big thing about myself — no matter if I move to another country or to the town over, the establishment of my “nest” and home space is very important to me. I do my best work when I feel grounded.

Aside from my usual duties, this week I’ll be preparing with the education team for an exciting new collaboration coming into the picture. It’s going to be a carefully planned collaboration, so I’m really excited about the opportunity to observe as well as be an actual part of the entire process.

Overall, each day I’m here, I’m working more towards becoming the well-rounded, creative, action-taker that I imagine my higher self to be. This means establishing a routine that allows me to take care of myself (good eating habits, exercise, sleep), and also prioritizes time for creating and rolling with new ideas.

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