Three portfolio project ideas

Three portfolio project ideas

November marks the start of the portfolio project module for Praxis. I’ve been looking forward to this module since I began Praxis! I love the process of project planning, creation, and completion.

Module one of Praxis has taught me a lot about the different role areas of a startup. Although I’m eager to learn whatever skills necessary to produce value within a company, I’ve gained a clearer picture of which skills I want to develop and showcase for the placement process.

I knew I wanted to do a portfolio project that would display and further develop my design skills. However, I also wanted a project that would challenge me and be able to prove my ability to produce value for others. After some brainstorming, these are my top three project ideas:


Fruitful Women
A collection of minimalist line art designs displaying various women. The designs would be placed on tote bags, t-shirts, and backpacks. For phase one, I would build a website for the designed products available for purchase as well as an Instagram page. For phase two I would spend most of my efforts on learning/running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, as well as experimenting with other forms of marketing and advertising. At the end of the month, I would document on what worked, what didn’t, what I learned, and how much I was able to sell.

30 days of logos
In an effort to build my design portfolio, I thought a great idea would be to do a 30-day logo challenge. Each day of November I would create a new logo concept for a list of real companies that could use a new, refreshing logo that accurately captures their company mission. Two possibilities to take this further would be to first cold contact said companies and see if they’re interested in purchasing the new logo I have created for them. I could also add the logos to my Instagram account specific to design work and experiment with gaining likes and being featured on the explore page. At the end of the month, I would have produced 30 logos to add to my portfolio and Instagram, as well as some possible sales.

3-4 Style Guides/Brand Books
For this project, I would be designing 3-4 style guides/brand books for online companies that need rebranding or overall brand cohesion. For the first week, I would research and find my top companies to create for. Phase one would include a lot of researching and planning to understand the companies, their missions, what type of consumers they’re trying to attract etc. Each brand book would include the minimum of primary and secondary logos, color palettes, typography, mood boards, clear brand message, examples of brand tone, and actual mock-up pages of what this all looks like in action. To make sure I’m producing value for someone else with this project, I could either reach out to companies prior to creation or pitch the finished brand books to the chosen companies afterward. I also would add snippets from the brand books to showcase on my design Instagram and experiment with gaining likes/explore page coverage.


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