Things I am grateful for right now

Things I am grateful for right now
  1. The unusual chilly weather we’re experiencing here in South Florida.
  2. Finding chipirones (baby calamari) at Whole Foods, like I used to eat in Spain.
  3. My two kitties are happy, healthy, and alive.
  4. I have a trip planned to one of my favorite cities in the U.S., with one of my favorite people, next month.
  5. I’m home for Christmas.
  6. All the love and thoughtfulness people have showered me with via their early Christmas gifts.
  7. The ease and ability to play good music, commercial-free, whenever I want.
  8. Being able to see my sister this month.
  9. Feeling strong and healthy!
  10. The abundance of delicious, fresh, healthy food available in our kitchen.
  11. How much I’ve learned, grown, and transformed since October (Module 1 of Praxis).
  12. We made our traditional arancini (Italian risotto balls) after a two-year hiatus
  13. The clothes I’m wearing come from Italy and Spain, thanks to my mom’s job, and my travels.
  14. My hair is exceptionally soft and wavy today.
  15. I will fulfill my first well-paid freelance design/branding project next month.
  16. Thanks to Whole Foods and the world evolving, I can finally enjoy many of my family’s traditional Italian Christmas foods, sans dairy and meat.
  17. My boyfriend’s intuition to bring me hot chocolate later tonight.
  18. The beautiful and meaningful gift that my bosses gave me this year.
  19. The yoga classes my sister gifted me that I can’t wait to use.
  20. This 30-day writing habit that has done so much for me in terms of self-reflection, clarity, and confidence.

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