The redesign of Ideal Posture & Spine

The redesign of Ideal Posture & Spine

In Charleston, South Carolina sits a distinct wellness clinic specializing in Chiropractic solutions and gut health care. The husband and wife duo, Dr. Seth Strauss and Dr. Katally Strauss, followed their life calling to bring real health solutions to everyday people frustrated with the traditional healthcare system.

Their mission is definitely something I can get behind. Working with Dr. Seth to bring his vision to life was an absolute pleasure. He and his wife, Dr. Katally, are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They are the kind of doctors that everyone needs and deserves.

My first major project for Ideal Posture & Spine was a website redesign. You can see below that Dr. Seth had begun building his own site, but soon realized it was too big of a project for him to take on. He had a lot of ideas on how he wanted his content presented, but he just wasn’t quite sure how to make it happen and bring it all together.

Over several meetings we sat down to talk ideas, updates on progress, and organize more ideas into concrete steps. In the end, Dr. Seth and Dr. Katally were very pleased with the website. They now have a beautiful, youthful website that matches the theme and overall energy of their clinic. They have a clear mission statement, logo, and general theme that can now be used to clearly target marketing missions. Cohesive, clean branding is everything!

Below are the before and after’s of the Ideal Posture & Spine website journey.



Home/Landing page (before)

Scrolling landing page with services, about us, etc. (before)























From these before screenshots, you can see that Dr. Seth is going for a youthful, exciting design. However, there is a struggle of keeping everything visually pleasing and easy to read. A patient may have difficulty finding the information they’re looking for, or may be thrown off by the busyness of the pages. As for branding, the website has a gorgeous logo, but the rest of the website has yet to match the overall theme of the logo.




First part of home/landing page (after)
Patient page with links to forms (after)
First section of services page (after)


These after screenshots display the unified color theme throughout the entire site, which is based on the Ideal Posture & Spine logo. The font choice is easier to read while still remaining visually pleasing. All of the content and information is presented in an organized, clean yet interesting way. This allows patients to find what they’re looking for while also enjoying their overall experience on the website. Patients have also been given the power to book appointments as well as print and fill out patient forms via the website.

To see the entire newly designed website for Ideal Posture & Spine, you can visit them at:



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