The concept and process behind PARLOUR’s logo

The concept and process behind PARLOUR’s logo

Born in the late 90’s, I still hold an appreciation for the early sounds and sights of my youth. Images of my sister’s gel scrunched hair in puffy scrunchies are forever etched in memory.

So, when diving deep into research about PARLOUR’s roots, mission, and story, I was beyond excited to discover that the co-founder was also a child of the 90’s. Much of Parlour’s signature treats are testaments to the comfort junk foods of the 90s and early 2000s. Think fluffy pizza rolls, oatmeal cream pies, zebra cakes and cupcakes with sparkly hot pink frosting. Hello 90s nostalgia!

You’ll also always find two tip jars at the PARLOUR register, semi-updated with images of classic 90s and retro icons. Who would you rather?

Bob Ross or Uncle Jesse?


My head was quickly shooting out ideas for 90s comeback logos and branding. But there was another element missing. . .

The interior of Parlour’s bakery is gorgeous. It’s cute, refreshing, earthy, and hip. Upon further research, I learned that the founders of PARLOUR were inspired to open a vegan bakery in South Florida after a trip to the Northwest states of the United States. They were impressed with the sheer amount and success of plant-based eateries available.

This influence is apparent in the interior design of PARLOUR’s bakeries. Natural elements like light colored wood, moss, recycled paper products, industrial style ceilings, and furniture are all around. The lighting is always natural and bright, and string lights are more than embraced for any occasions. Their original logos often contain symbols of the Northwest such as wolves and mountains.

With all my research, I set out to create a logo that would capture the 90s nostalgia and citified Northwest influence that is PARLOUR vegan bakery.


I began by compiling a huge folder of 90s style logos, fashion, and symbols to fuel the inspiration. I created another folder with graphics and images of the Northwest. It was a lot of bright colors, geometrics, trees, and mountains.

I quickly sketched out about 15 logo concepts. I was able to select the best three and then got to work bringing them to life in Illustrator.

After seeing the first drafts of the three logos more put together, it was clear to me which one ranked about the rest.

(I posted a time-lapse preview of the design process for the chosen logo on my Instagram. Watch it here.)


The entire process was done in 3 days. I’m really happy with how the concepts came together and the final logo formed. I may still play around with colors, but here is the logo concept in its latest form:



The background lines hold a 90s influence rooted in the love of geometrics and patterns.
The triangle is another 90s geometric but made modern and relevant with the Northwest symbol of mountains.
The PARLOUR text is designed like 90s pop out text. It brings the boldness and fun into the logo.
The colors are kept to a simple black-gray-white palette to keep the print process simple on cups, stickers, labels, menus, and more.
And PARLOUR’s iconic wolf symbol has not been forgotten but redrawn in its new home!



I’m very happy with how the concept has come to life. But this is just one step in the entire branding process. Today I begin bringing the concepts to life through the construction of the brand book.


Until next time.

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