The best designers are psychologists

The best designers are psychologists

Design is not an art. It’s a science.

When you see a good design in business you know it. You know it because you 1) notice it, 2)are attracted to it, 3)understand it, and 4)want to buy it.

You can have the best product in the world, but if the package and the brand behind it are a hot mess, no one will pay attention to you.

My sister got a pair of Hunter Boots for Christmas this year. It’s obvious that everything from their website, the collections available, and the package design the boots arrived in is thought out to exceptional detail. Everything is made to fit the Hunter brand.

People wonder why we are willing to pay $150+ for rubber boots when there are decent pairs available for $30?

But if you understand people, you know that we don’t just purchase products, we purchase experiences. When you buy Hunter Boots, you know the experience is designed to deliver consistency and high standards every time. We know what to expect and we know the status attached to the brand.

When a new product comes out, it needs to build a relationship with us. Will it be a funny, entertaining friend? A loving, nurturing mother?  These kinds of judgments are drawn from the colors a company uses, the way they speak to their customers, and then the way all this information is presented (design) to us, the consumers.

When I think of sneakers, I think of Nike. When I think of phones I think of the iPhone (Apple). When I think of makeup, I think of Sephora. When I think of coffee shops, I think of Starbucks.

3 out of 4 of those companies, I’m not even a big fan of. But the connection is made in my higher mind, regardless.

The design behind those companies’ success and the road to becoming icons wasn’t purely art. There is the psychology of understanding people, what they want, what attracts them, and what helps them understand a product.

When we mix the mind of the artist and the psychologist, we create ICONIC designs.

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