Thank you Rookie

Thank you Rookie

Rookie Mag closed its doors last month, for good.

Rookie was the online publication/older, wiser friend that every teenage girl wished she had.

I can take any complex emotion, issue, or subject found in adolescence and match it to a Rookie article. Rookie did the impossible by making young girls feel less alone in their everchanging world of emotional war, rainfalls, and dark clouds.

I grew up with Rookie. The articles, stories, and content produced each month were nothing short of a miracle. But the most amazing part about Rookie, was Tavi Gevinson, the editor-in-chief, and creator. She was only a year older than me yet had created and nurtured this community that surrounded the emotional experiences of young girls.

I looked up to her (and still do). I looked up to the incredible women featured in Rookie Mag each month. These women weren’t given the spotlight for their looks or charm (not that they weren’t beautiful or charming!) but rather their thoughts, honesty, and womanly wisdom.

I thank Rookie for being the friend I needed when I had no one else to turn to. I thank Rookie for teaching me the deeper side of young love, emotional welfare, and dreams. I thank Rookie for always encouraging the feminine side of me to shine while making sure I kick-ass in Science class.

Thank you Rookie, for 7 years of shaping me into the woman I am today.

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