My First Week in a Start-up Office

After working remotely for the last two weeks, I was really looking forward to my transition into the office. As awesome as working remote can be, there is definitely a very specific type of value earned by spending time in the office. By the end of Tuesday, I felt fully…


Week Two — The Move

Despite it being the end of my second week on the job, I can’t help but feel like I’m starting fresh again. I left my home in South Florida to make the drive to Charleston on Thursday morning. It’s been a hectic, but productive last few days. Between moving my…


One Week at a Startup — The Onboarding Process

I’ve worked a few odd jobs in my life, all requiring their unique sets of skills, lingo, and cultural norms. When I worked at a retreat center in California, the same guests I tended to as a supportive guide would see my underwear swaying on the communal clothing line the…


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