And just like that. . .the second brand book is done!

And just like that. . .the second brand book is done!

To be fair it hasn’t been “just like that”. But it has been really fascinating to experience the unique challenges to each book so far. Each process for creating the book and rebranding concepts is different.

I started out the week with a decent amount of confidence since I’d already overcome the hurdle of successfully completing the first book. What I didn’t foresee is that KeySmart had its own unique challenges and hoops I would need to jump through.

The KeySmart brand project really excited me. They were an already well established and successful company, but I saw a potential for them to be even greater, bigger, and recognizable. The rebrand concept for them came to me almost straight away. I was excited to dive into the book creation process when I noticed my first hurdle. In PARLOUR’s brand book, the “star” or focal point of the book was the concept around their new logo. With KeySmart, their existing logo was already good. The problem is that it was almost too good. It was very simple, which is great to capture the minimalist functionality that KeySmart represents, but it also didn’t give me much to work with or pull from.

I made the decision to stick with their original logo and instead use mockups to bring the rebranding concept to life. The only problem was, I’d never made website mockups or wireframes before. And for some reason, they seemed very complicated to make (spoiler: they weren’t), so I found myself intimidated by the possible learning curve I might face. A few Google searches later, I quickly learned how to create a mockup within Adobe Illustrator (my usual Adobe program of choice) and found myself particularly happy with the mobile version I constructed.

My next task to tackle was to organize the product lines for KeySmart. They have a few different things going on these days besides smart keys, so I wanted to make sure each product line had its designated place to shine. I ended up creating a secondary logo for KeySmart to use on smaller items as well as an option for products that are not keys. As KeySmart is growing, I found it important from the beginning to give their brand some flexibility for its future growth and new products. I also created new logos for some of the product lines to further organize and differentiate between what KeySmart offers.

Once I had all these materials I knew I was going to include in the book, I dove in. The KeySmart book has a different layout than the Parlour brand book, as the KeySmart brand itself is bigger, more professional, and more practical.

A lot of tweaks, some minor hurdles, and a lot of hours later, the KeySmart brand book has been born. I’m especially happy with this brand book, and I can’t wait to present it to KeySmart next month.

Here is the final product.

If you’re interested in some snippets of my workflow, I created a timelapse preview of the book creation process here, on my Instagram.



Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and also the start of a new “brand book week”. This next company will be a great way to finish the month with a bang. They are by far the biggest project of all the brand books. Watch out for the reveal!

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