Sales, Law of Attraction, and Hollywood

Sales, Law of Attraction, and Hollywood

I’ve noticed a trend with people who have “made it”. The people we deem as “successful” in society.

They got lucky. Lucky with chances, opportunities, unforeseen connections and events.

Or so we think.

My belief is that people achieve a dream due to two things; Law of Attraction and sales.

Law of attraction deserves a blog post on its own, but the basic idea is that once you become impassioned and obsessed with something, that thing begins to show up in other areas of your life. If you have a dream of being accepted in some specific program, that program name will begin to pop up in seemingly random places. You could run into one of the program directors, or students in the program. You meet someone who knows someone in the program. Seemingly unconnected pieces start to appear out of nowhere and then connect later to get you to the place you want to be.

But more on that another time. What I would really love to talk about today is how sales makes dreams come true.

Salespeople can often hold a stereotype of being slimy. They’re portrayed as relentless backstabbers who will do anything to make a sale.

What they really are is fearless. They are fearless, psychological masterminds. They understand people, the relationships that people crave, and they aren’t afraid to take the necessary steps to get there.

In a time where we live with access to the attention and ears of thousands of people we admire, we still stop ourselves from taking the plunge of “reaching out”.

We worry they are busy, we’re bothering them, we won’t say the right thing, or worst of all, our egos will be shattered when they don’t respond or reject us.

But who gives a sh*t?!

We fall in love with the Hollywood versions of struggle, where someone knocks on every door, gets rejected over and over again, but then finally gets their big break to climb their way to the top. Except their struggle is fast forwarded with an inspirational soundtrack in the background.

When it comes time for us to do the same, we freeze. We think too much and do too little.

Learn to embody (or fake) the confidence of a salesperson. Except for this time, you’re selling yourself. Be awesome but humble. Reach out, even if it seems like it’s way out of your league. Hope for a response back but don’t expect it. Knock on every (internet) door you can. That’s what the movie version of you would do.

And then, when you get that open door, remember your sales skills. Charm them, build relationships, stay humble, shut up and listen, but also prepare and ask the right questions.

This is why some of the best salespeople are actors, writers, artists, producers, and the like.

Learn sales and go after your dreams.

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