My First Week in a Start-up Office

My First Week in a Start-up Office

After working remotely for the last two weeks, I was really looking forward to my transition into the office. As awesome as working remote can be, there is definitely a very specific type of value earned by spending time in the office. By the end of Tuesday, I felt fully integrated into the office culture as well as on my way towards building awesome relationships with my coworkers. Because I had the opportunity to work remote and begin the onboarding process while at home, I was able to hit the ground running my very first day in.

Now, after just one week, I can already feel the transformation beginning to bloom inside of me. Every conversation I hear contains something to learn and experience. I’m making a point of running with curiosity to learn as much as I can from every single person around me. As I continue to gain more responsibilities, I’ve also been making an effort to discover pain points and build my own projects and solutions around them. My goal is to take a project from build to finish for each month of my apprenticeship.


What I’m Learning:

One cool thing I learned at work last week: How to give feedback and constructive criticism that still comes from a place of empathy. An especially useful skill in coaching and advising.

One cool thing I learned outside of work last week: Some very interesting historical facts about Charleston ala my colleague, Hannah Frankman. I was especially fascinated by the battles fought at Fort Sumter and the seasonal social habits of people back in that time.


What I’m Creating:

One example of how I created value at work last week: I jumped on some business partner profile builds without being asked. I also took extra time to focus on dive into some materials I know we will be discussing in upcoming education meetings.

What project I’m currently working on at my BP: Restructuring the delivery of the portfolio project module. I’m also working on practicing feedback delivery for value proposition projects.

What I’m doing to become a better version of myself overall: I’m setting aside personal time to brainstorm personal and work-related goals for the next 6 months. I want to walk out of my apprenticeship having tangible evidence of a project I completed on my own account each month.



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