I’m learning Adobe Illustrator in one month

I’m learning Adobe Illustrator in one month

What does it take to learn something new?

If you asked me a year ago if I had any interest in learning Adobe Illustrator, the answer would have been a simple “no”.

It seemed complicated. Advanced. Something for people way more technologically adept than myself.

That’s what my mind told me. But my heart said something different. Now I can look back and see my heart was uninspired, unmotivated and lacking in confidence.

This month I decided to dedicate a large chunk of my time to mastering the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator. I bought a course from Udemy while it was on sale for Labor Day. It only cost me $11.99.

People wrote reviews like “I never thought I could learn something like this, but now I’ve completed this course and I’m very comfortable and confident in my ability to use the software.” I thought that was beautiful. It’s really sad how easily a lot of us write off new experiences, new skills, and new opportunities. All because we assume that we “can’t”. We all do it too, including myself.

I want to learn Illustrator because I want to take the images and concept ideas I see in my head and be able to transfer them into something physical. If I can bring my art to life just by learning this software program, I’ll prove to myself I can learn anything.

This morning I looked at the course catalog for my local community college. It costs $300 to learn Illustrator with them. The course also requires you to purchase two books. This is an example of how money kills dreams. Someone will see that price tag and have to say, “Not today”.

I love 2018 because that doesn’t have to be true anymore. There are at least 10 other options that are more effective and affordable than taking a college course to learn something. Udemy is one of them but there is also, Lynda, Coursera, SkillShare, YouTube, or a really patient friend.

Every day I sit in my pajamas at my computer. I spend an hour to ninety minutes before work going through my Illustrator course. It’s fun, interesting and I’m learning a ton. But the best part is that I can take the skills I practice in the course and make my own project out of them. Then I have a way to document what I’m learning and watch myself grow and improve. Every day I do this I become more creative, open more opportunities for myself, and work towards the bigger picture.

People think learning costs money. They think it costs a lot of time. Sometimes both of those can be true. But most of the time, learning really costs consistency. What does it take to learn something new? I think it can be just one hour every day. Start with a day, then a week, and then a month. See how you grow.


This is the course I’m learning from on Udemy.

I can’t wait to share my progress with you.





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