I successfully finished a brand book in 1 week! [Brand Book #1 PARLOUR]

I successfully finished a brand book in 1 week! [Brand Book #1 PARLOUR]

What a week.


I feel like I’ve lived a month in seven days. But all in all, it has been an awesome, intense rush. I’m proud of myself for my commitment and successful completion of my first brand book. I put in an insane number of hours over the last week, overcame setbacks, and didn’t sacrifice any quality or goals.


In just one week I have:

  • Deeply researched and identified PARLOUR’s mission, vision, target audience, brand personality, and core values
  • Played around with many different logo concepts and created final versions of primary and secondary logos
  • Created an Instagram to be used as an informal portfolio for my work
  • Posted a time-lapse video of one of the logo creation processes
  • Blogged about the process of creating a logo to properly represent the company
  • Learned how to make design mockups (place logos onto t-shirts, bags, packages etc.)
  • Created an entire brand book based on a rebrand upgrade for PARLOUR vegan bakery
  • Learned how to use many features Adobe InDesign while working in it for the first time


In addition to creating the actual brand book, I have been doing my best to document my work through Instagram posts and blog posts. I started off the week strong with this, but as I got deeper into the book, I found myself lacking the time/energy to create additional content. I don’t want to give up on this goal, so this week, this is something I really want to strive to improve upon. With the little bit of Instagram posting I’ve done, I’ve gained a modest amount of attention from other designers and design companies, which is something I’m pretty happy about. It’ll be cool to see how much farther I can take this by the end of the month.


It wasn’t easy, and there are things I would do differently if I could do it all again (or had more time), but with the tight time constraints and pressure, I’m really happy with my ability to push through and produce work that I’m proud of.

Tonight, I begin the process all over again. This time with a little more experience, some new strategies, and a new company. Stay updated with the second brand book company reveal tomorrow.


Now, the wait is over. Here is PARLOUR’s brand book.

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