I did a project collaboration and loved it

I did a project collaboration and loved it

About two months ago, I made a post on the Praxis WorkPlace page mentioning something about astrology.

Another participant reached out to me that same day who happened to be another hard-core follower of all things astrology.

We hopped on a call soon after and had a great talk about our shared interests, Praxis, and everything we were up to in the program. Being amid the craziness that pre-program can be, Madison was nice enough to share all her tips and insight with me for the beginning modules of Praxis. Near the end of the call, I half-jokingly suggested we create a pre-program survival guide for other participants so they can benefit from the hindsight bias that later participants almost always experience. Without hesitation, Madison said she was in, and we should set up a call for project planning the following week.

The next few weeks were an awesome flurry of brainstorming, organizing, and creating.

I love planning, creating, and executing projects all on my own, but there is an undeniable energy that is added to the whole process when working with someone else. Madison and I had similar visions, but we were able to creatively collaborate and expand our idea into even more with the help of each other.

I was surprised to find how much this experience taught me about myself. I consider myself an introvert and very much enjoy my solo time but working with Madison really made the concept of working on a team seem so much more exciting.

This week we are putting the final touches on our Pre-Program Survival Guide Package. We can’t wait to see how it helps new participants adjust to the Praxis experience, as well as provide existing ones with some neat, new resources.



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