Brand Book #1: Parlour Vegan Bakery  

Brand Book #1: Parlour Vegan Bakery   

South Florida has called itself home to a vibrant culinary scene for many years. There exists no shortage of spices, tropical fruits, or pastelitos. In the past few years, the city hubs of Miami and Fort Lauderdale have adapted to the growing demand for plant-based and allergy friendly eateries. As a plant-based eater and local, I was always quick to try a new vegan eatery that popped up. While it was exciting and refreshing to have this sense of inclusion in the food scene, something was missing. I found myself going to these places alone or dragging along my less enthusiastic, carnivorous boyfriend. I realized that these new places, albeit awesome, were only vegan-friendly but not “people-friendly”.

I longed for a spot where I was the one being invited out by friends. The vegan bonus would be just that, a bonus, because the food was able to shine all on its own.

My cry was answered just over three years ago with the entry of Parlour Vegan Bakery into the South Florida food scene. Located dangerously close to me in an unassuming shopping plaza only 10 minutes from my home, I’ve had the honor of watching Parlour open, celebrate its first birthday and just a few months ago, its third birthday. It’s an adorable little bakery front. Its just hip enough to snap an Instagram photo in and genuine enough to invite your baby boomer relatives.

For these reasons and many more, I couldn’t be more excited to work with Parlour Vegan Bakery for my first brand book. Here’s the mini breakdown:


Who: Parlour Vegan Bakery

What: Brand Book

Why: To reunify brand mission, vision, look, and personality.

Specific Goals: logo upgrade, clear primary and secondary logo usages, mockups for an upgraded website, apparel and merch, menus, advertisements etc.


After much brand research today, I was able to draft an outline of what I wanted to include on each page of the book. I also did some work capturing the brand mission, vision, core values, voice and personality through images and words. Tomorrow, I begin the logo design process on paper and in Illustrator.


More updates to come!



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