An exercise in copywriting

An exercise in copywriting

I’ve written before on the holy matrimony between copywriting and design. When the two worlds meet, magic happens in both advertising and branding.

Today I want to take a look at an excellent example of copywriting, and then spin-off my own version for another product.

Let’s take a look at this call to action by Harry’s razors:



Let’s first dissect the power of design in this call to action. The psychology behind typography is in use here with the contrasts in size, boldness, and color. The eye is naturally led to the bigger, bolder text on the top of the text, “Handsomer. Sharperer. Less Expensiver.” The rest of the text is then easily read in a vertical fashion, complete with the contrasting red, call to action, “SHOP TRUMAN SET”. It’s also important to note that another reason this simple text is so impactful, is due to the clever simplicity of the surrounding elements and background. The text is placed on a background containing mostly white bathroom tiles, with a pop of orange color on the razor to the left. The razor being placed vertically and left aligned also helps to frame the text and guide attention there.

Looking at the writing itself, at first glance, can seem similar to most contemporary forms of advertising. But a deeper look, and we find that the voice of Harry’s in the headline comes out strong. We realize this is a playful, casual brand. They’re looking for a fun, friendly relationship with their customers. The second line is a great slogan which tells us what exactly Harry’s offers us in one killer sentence. And the tiny, final text is the link to enter the actual shop.

Overall, both the elements of design and writing work together to create a memorable brand experience for Harry’s. I wanted to replicate this success with a similar product/service line called, BILLIE.

BILLIE is a razor company specifically made for women. Their razors are made with flexible heads to fit the needs of women who shave all over their bodies. I use BILLIE products myself, and while their aesthetic, packaging, and overall brand experience is excellent, I find that their voice isn’t as strong or notable as Harry’s.

Here’s a look at some examples of their current copywriting style:

Example 1
Example 2



And here is my attempt at emulating some of Harry’s brand copywriting formula into BILLIE’s:


Example 1:

Razors built for Womankind.
Drop the Pink Tax and indulge in products made for your body.
Join Us – $9


Example 2:

We’re not just a pretty face
(at half the price)
– Our 5 blade set-up makes us sharper than your auntie’s comments on Thanksgiving.
– We’re the smoothest chick on the block with aloe soap encased on every blade.
–  We do more with less— half the cost of all our competitors.



I added a little more personality to BILLIE’s line. I love their entire branding package, but I do believe their voice needs to match the pop of fun that the rest of their brand brings. As a girls for girls brand, I think it’s important they sport a witty and proud female voice across their products.


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