Adobe Illustrator project #1

Adobe Illustrator project #1

Today I completed my first ever project with Adobe Illustrator.

I used the various shape tools and Direct Selection Tool to manipulate shapes into my desired forms to make the parts of a fox and cat.

The fox illustration was done by following along with the instructor. Then the instructor challenged the class to make their own animal using the techniques they’ve just learned.

I chose to make a cat using my own cat, Gio, as a model.

After making the first fox with the instructor, I noticed that I was able to create my cat successfully by looking at the whole image as a sum of shapes with some minor curves and adjustments added. I thought that was a really cool change of perspective to gain.

Check out my work:



Fox creation done by following instructor





Gio the cat, created by me





A blurry photo of Gio the cat in real life.



I’m super happy with my first project on Adobe Illustrator. It’s crazy to think just two weeks ago I wasn’t completely sure what the program even did. I’m excited to create more!



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