25 things before 25

25 things before 25
  1. Take a road trip through one of the National Parks with my dad
  2. Go back to my roots in Colombia with my mom
  3. Publish at least one book
  4. Do one pull-up
  5. Learn how to stand on my head again
  6. Experience life in a new city
  7. Go fully minimalist in terms of apartment and possessions
  8. Pick up a new language (relearn Italian? Portuguese? French?)
  9. Gain real experience in a leadership role
  10. Do a design assignment for at least one big league corporation
  11. Do a design assignment for one start-up that I really care about
  12. Meet a circle of funny, interesting friends who happen to live close enough to have a Seinfeld-type group
  13. Take a sister’s trip with my one and only sister
  14. Completely let go of social media usage except for work
  15. Be interviewed by somebody moderately well-known
  16. Give a speech or talk in front of an audience
  17. Travel to a new continent (Africa, Asia, Australia?)
  18. Draw or paint myself something admirable enough to hang in my own place
  19. Work in a branding studio/agency
  20. Take a pottery wheel throwing class
  21. Learn how to dance (amateur) advanced salsa and bachata
  22. Make one article I write go viral
  23. Forgive people from the past (in my heart)
  24. Meet somebody who changed my life (an author, musician, idol) and say thank you
  25. Tell everybody who needs to know, that I love them.

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